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muratorioSylvie Oddou-Muratorio joined the lab in 2021, and will be in charge of its scientific animation. She is a population geneticist, and during the past 20 years, she studied the contribution of genetic adaptation to the response of forest tree populations to environmental variations over a small number of generations. At ECOBIOP, she will use her skills to (1) estimate “real time » eco-evolutionary processes contributing to adaptation of diadromous fish populations to their environment, and (2) develop process-based models to predict the ecological and adaptive dynamics of these populations.

Status: Researcher

Keywords: molecular markers, in situ quantitative genetics, Individual-Based model, CAPSIS

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2020-11-12_16-33-20_775Françoise Daverat just joined us this year. She is versed in the study of sclerochronology, which is the analysis of the structure and composition of calcified structures (scales, otoliths, fin rays), to infer retrospectively individual traits such as habitat use patterns, natal origin, growth patterns. Such knowledge helps revealing the adaptative value of alternative life history tactics among within diadromous fish species in contrasted contexts, including anthropogenic stressed environments.

Status: Researcher

Keywords: diadromous fish, intra-specific biodiversity, phenotypic plasticity, growth, sclerochronology, otolith science.

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Photo_Natacha_NikolicNatach Nikolic was also recently hired in our lab. She investigates the evolutionary history of aquatic populations through the analysis of past genetic diversity, gene flow, effective population size, and related adaptive responses, so to better understand the current effect of anthropogenic and environmental pressures on fish populations.

Status: Researcher

Keywords: Evolutionary history, genetics, adaptation, halieutic, populations management.

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Jean-Christophe Aymes specializes in the study of fish scales and otoliths to investigate life histories of anadromous fishes. He is also the manager of our experimental facilities.

Status: Engineer

Keywords: behaviour, individual monitoring, video, otoliths, scales.

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Charlotte Récapet oversees symposium participation for all the lab and students. She is interested in the effect of energetic and physiological constraints on individual fitness, and in charge of developping Dynamic Energetic Budget models.

Status: Assistant Professor

Keywords: pace of life, life history strategies, syndromes.

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Mathieu Buoro monitors the scientific production of the lab. He is particularly interested in the (meta)population dynamics, evolution of life history strategies, dispersal tactics and response to selection.

Status: Researcher

Keywords: Evolutionary demography, climate change, adaptation, portfolio effect, hierarchical modelling, individual based model.

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For more information, visit the personal website and GitHub


Matthias Vignon manages the conference cycle of the lab for both lab members and visitors.  He investigates morphometric variations and patterns with regard to various stressors.

Status: Assistant Professor

Keywords: morphology, random forest, otoliths, Kerguelen Islands.

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Joëlle Chat is responsible for the molecular biology platform. She investigates population genetics with a specific focus on dispersal and origins of individuals.

Status: Research Engineer

Keywords: brown trout, DNA, migration.

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DSCF2870-encadré-forumCédric Tentelier is co-managing the Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics Master (DYNEA). He is primarily interested in behaviour, information use and variation in foraging or reproductive strategies.

Status: Assistant Professor

Keywords: tracking, networks, sexual selection.

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Etienne Prevost is the director of the lab. He develops research on population dynamics and evolutionary demography mainly by means of modelling. His focus is on the effect of climate change and fisheries in Atlantic salmon, and applications to management advice.

Status: Research Director

Keywords: modelling, populations, salmon, climate change, fisheries, management.

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valerieValérie Bolliet is the Deputy-director  of the lab, she investigates the role of metabolism and energy content on individual behaviour. She is also co-managing the Aquatic Ecosystem Dynamics Master (DYNEA).

Status: Professor

Keywords: micro-respirometry, chronobiology, eels, physiology.

DSC_4763 Agnès Bardonnet is the scientific advisor for experimental facilities. She focuses on early life stages ecology, behaviour, and sex determinism.

Status: Research Director

Keywords: ecology, habitat selection, growth, competition.


 Jacques Labonne is the manager of the Zone Atelier Antarctique LTER. He develops research in demogenetics, behavioural and evolutionary ecology.

Status: Researcher

Keywords: individual based modelling, sexual selection, colonization fronts.

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Retraite Dumas 2008-017r-forum

Philippe Gaudin is the head of MIRA Research Federation, and PI for the Polar Institute project SALMEVOL. He is interested in behaviour and traits variation on colonization fronts.

Status: Research Director

Keywords: ecology, sea trout, tracking, Kerguelen Islands.

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Jean-Claude Salvado is the head of the Biology Department for teaching. He is interested in molecular biology and transposable elements.

Status: Assistant Professor

Keywords: genetics.



Laura Taillebois was a post-doctoral research in the lab focusing on the contemporary and past dynamics of hybridization between two declining shad species. Laura developed skills in fish molecular ecology and evolution in her former experiences at Charles Darwin University in Australia and National Museum of Natural History in Paris.

Keywords: molecular biology, connectivity, population genetics, NGS.