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Photo_LDLéa Daupagne started her thesis in September 2020. She studies the structure and the dynamic of mating networks in lampreys throughout the breeding season by combining both an empirical and a theoretical approach. This will notably include studying the prezygotic reproductive isolation between closely-related parasitic and non-parasitic species.

Status: Graduate

Keywords: mate choice, sexual selection, multilayer network analysis, polygynandry.

Loïc BaumanLoïc Baumann focuses on unravelling the ecology of the first life stages of shads (Alosa alosa), and on assessing to what extent these stages are sensitive to various environmental degradations, such as habitat modification or hypoxia events. Loïc investigates in particular the behavioural and stress responses to these factors.

Status: Graduate

Keywords: behaviour, ecology, conservation, restoration, stress, shad.


Marius Dhamelincourt studies the mating systems in lampreys species, using in natura observations and experimental approaches. He also investigates the relationship between habitat and mating behaviour, and the impact on the ecosystem.

Status: Graduate

Keywords: reproductive system, experimental ecology, lampreys.

LAMARINS_AmaïaAmaïa Lamarins works on the portfolio effect in Atlantic salmon metapopulations, using the demogenetic model IBASAM. She studies how the metapopulation structure can bolster the resilience of populations through dispersal, local adaptation and management practices.

Status: Graduate

Keywords: demogenetic, modelling, metapopulations, salmon.

photo IDDorinda Folio works on the dynamics of hybridization between Atlantic and Mediterranean lineages of brown trout. She’s developing an individual based model simulating the demogenetic dynamics of populations, accounting for both management actions (fishing, restocking, connectivity) and evolutionary feedback.

Status: Graduate

Keywords: demogenetic, modelling, biodiversity management, brown trout.



Lucie Aulus begins a thesis on the evolution of life history traits along a colonization gradient. She’s focusing on the case of growth and its effect on age at sea migration in introduced brown trout of the Kerguelen Islands.

Status: PhD

Keywords: reaction norms, natural selection, long term monitoring.


Clément Lebot just started his thesis, he is focusing on wild Atlantic salmon management. Thanks to population dynamics modelling, he will evaluate the impact of different management strategies on Atlantic salmon conservation.

Status: PhD

Keywords: population dynamics, stock recruitment, hierarchical modelling, sustainability.


Louise Chevalier started recently her thesis on the co-evolution of genome and traits or behaviour involved in sexual selection. Her approach is mainly theoretical and seeks to overcome the classical phenotypic gambit used in behavioural ecology.

Status: PhD

Keywords: demogenetics, adaptive dynamics, sexual selection, mate choice


Hengtong Liu‘s thesis topic revolves around energy metabolism in European glass eel, and its effect on migratory behaviour. She develops an integrative approach from genes to behaviour, with a specific focus on autophagic mechanisms.

Status: PhD

Keywords: migratory behaviour, transcriptomics, metabolism.


Elorri Arrevalo obtained her PhD in our lab, in co-supervision with Ecology Department of the University of Pays Basque in Bilbao. She investigated the possible match/mismatch hypothesis between salmonids and their macroinvertebrates feeding resources in the context of Climate Change, and thereby discharge and temperature dynamics modifications.

Status: PhD (2014-2017) – Now Postdoc at IRSTEA

Keywords: trophic interactions, salmonids, hierarchical modelling.


Colin Bouchard obtained his PhD in our lab. He’s developing analyses regarding the effect of spatial aggregation on population dynamics and individual fitness in Atlantic salmon, using both long term monitoring and experimental approaches in natura.

Status: PhD (2015-2018) – Now Postdoc at UC Berkeley.

Keywords: alternative tactics, network analysis, demography, hierarchical modelling, telemetry, salmon.

Visit his ResearchGate profile for more information.